It was driven by boredom, that’s how BUIH came into realization. Back in 2016, the Co-founder of BUIH, Norhafidz quit his job in Doha, Qatar to accompany his wife, Syazmin, for her final semester at The University of Kent, in Chatham, South East of England.

After slightly one-month into the journey, Norhafidz began to feel restless waiting alone in the house everyday, for his wife to finish her classes. After multiple observations in various cities in England, he began noticing something about the awareness and the craziness of the local community towards Bath & Body Products (particularly handmade and freshly made products).

Inspired by a successful UK-based company, Norhafidz started his experiment making his own bath bomb, an effort that is not getting Syazmin’s attention initially. After quite a number of failed outcomes, Norhafidz successfully created his first workable bath bomb.

Norhafidz, inspecting the quality of the soap in their one bedroom apartment in Marina Point West, Dock Head Road, Chatham

After a series of successful trials, they did a brief market research and notice that there were virtually no one (back then) is offering this kind of products in Malaysia. Both Norhafidz and Syazmin began to see this as a business opportunity and they started brainstorming on product ideas and business name. BUIH was officially born. The rest is history….

BUIH officially began its business operation in Malaysia in 2017.

Most of BUIH products are now available in major shopping malls in Malaysia. We’re available in Major Drop (Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley Megamall), Robinsons (Four Seasons KL, The Gardens Mall), and at The Hive, Gamuda Cove. Discussions are also on-going for BUIH to be available in a couple of other major malls soon.

The team..

Norhafidz Nordin / Co-founder

Syazmin Saprudin / Co-founder & Creative Director